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  • But does it go 3 times faster?

  • I’m guessing that the bottom gantry section with two motors is driven in parallel by one driver axis? Those are 2A motors, so they’ll only get a bit less than half that current each.

  • Hey Macarena!

    Seriously, I need sleep.

  • I am Lord of the dance said Pete

  • Here we are, just one foam body away from the next evolution of the Power Wheels Racing Series

  • A quick bit of shell bashing after Luigi is reminded by the AVC staff that flight is not allowed this year.

  • Does that include New Product Thursdays?


  • 12K rpm of ideally constant RPM…. That is darn fast for most industrial systems (most normal bearings are rated to 6Krpm max), so you’re not going to get too far away from aerospace parts until you slow that thing down, probably 3:1 minimum.

    A list of ideas from my fuzzy memory:

    -Induction power supply (Motor-generator setup, although since you have 200 rps, you’ll need a really high pole count generator to make this work as 10KW would normally be at least 10KHz, which was the upper end of the frequency spectrum for MG sets anyway) -Skid mounted waterjet pump (good luck finding a pump that would keep up, most are designed for much lower RPM) -Centrifuge (fun for pressure squeezing composites, or purifying uranium… er… strike that) -Giant POV display of death (oops, my flywheel just disintegrated)

    Just remember, belts do not like spinning anywhere near this speed, so any belt drive will either disintegrate or try and do an impersonation of a perfect circle then disintegrate at the current output shaft speed (remember your maximum FPM). Also, I really don’t think your average snow mobile drive train could handle this speed. And it’s only 15hp from your other conversations.

  • We have to figure out a better way to visualise 4D infometrics.

  • Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the Spark Side.

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