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  • Yeah, except the first one in English... but that's proven that he's writing backwards from the engineer's perspective.

  • 2-6V is a good swing range. And I wouldn't want to let a Lipo charge circuit try and do silly things to a double AA battery pack.

  • *JST Connector not included

    Otherwise, looks promising. Any word on products using the 328PB coming in the pipeline?

  • I just got a quote back for the development headboard from Northstar $185. So I'm assuming they're charging full price for the several thousand surplus they still hold. They have 4x as many headboards, though. The Propcam DB has the sensor, but they truncated it to 4 bits and are almost gone forever.

    The other option is a NDA with Omnivision and finding a processor with a MIPI interface for something like the CameraCubeChip . Again, another rare device, but fully integrated this time.

  • I greatly regret the sale and demise of Kodak's digital division. They had the KAC-9630. 126x98 monochrome CMOS imager with a global shutter. Could do 90 FPS across SPI, 580FPS across parallel at 10MHz, and was designed for machine vision applications. The datastream was small enough (12K/frame) that you could actually process it in a high end microcontroller without external memory.

    By the time I had the technical skill to attempt to create a camera, they were long gone. I only find references to them in the surplus chip dealers these days.

    Of note, one odd use of a rolling shutter I remember is using it for high speed timing of a light pulse precisely because of that brightness artifact.

  • But does it go 3 times faster?

  • I'm guessing that the bottom gantry section with two motors is driven in parallel by one driver axis? Those are 2A motors, so they'll only get a bit less than half that current each.

  • Hey Macarena!

    Seriously, I need sleep.

  • I am Lord of the dance said Pete

  • Here we are, just one foam body away from the next evolution of the Power Wheels Racing Series

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