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  • Is there a typo in the description? It says "this mount works with motors with a 32 mm body diameter" but the title (and the Actobotics part number) indicate it is for 37 mm diameter ??

  • OK, I finally got this (Arduino Mini 04, 5V Atmega 328 16 MHz) working with the Arduino IDE 1.0 and the FTDI breakout board (5V).

    Here is how:


    FTDI 5V --- Mini 5V (pin 21) (Note: on my FTDI breakout board this connection was labeled 3V3 although it is actually 5V)

    FTDI RX1 --- Mini TX (pin 1)

    FTDI TX0 --- Mini RX (pin 2)

    FTDI GND --- Mini GND (pin 23)

    FTDI DTR --- 0.1 uF capacitor --- Mini Reset (pin 22)

    To be clear, on that last connection, a 0.1 uF capacitor is in series between the DTR pin on the FTDI breakout board and the reset pin on the Arduino Mini. Then auto reset will work you don't need to manually reset when programming.

    **ALSO - this only worked for me if I set the board type in the Arduino IDE 1.0 to ARDUINO UNO. If I set it to any of the various choices for Arduino Mini or Arduino Mini Pro or whatever then I got an error when I tried to connect. Different errors (Yikes! Invalid device signature ... or ... avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync; resp=0x00 ) depending on which board I tried to use. But with UNO selected it works fine.

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