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  • The holes in the claw gear do not line up with any pair of the holes on the round disk. I solved this by drilling 2 more tiny holes in the round disk, using the claw gear as a template. (Drill and attach disk to claw before screwing disk to servo.)
    The screws provided with the serve are a tad too long, so for each I put a washer on top of the claw gear before inserting the screw.
    Also as mentioned earlier by c148 the claw’s servo mounting holes are slightly off. I’m also not delighted that the servo needs to be mounted with four nuts because the face is not flat. I plan to partly remedy this by cutting a pair of exactly measured stand-offs.
    Still, for $10, a good value IMHO, these would be very difficult to fabricate in the average workshop and costly to make custom.

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