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Member Since: October 21, 2020

Country: Germany

  • Very easy to use with the included library and examples. But I have an interesting phenomena with the DEV-15801 though - whenever I connect either one of the probe tips my battery powered multimeter to the output pins, the DEV-15801 turns off. If I connect both leads, press reset, the output remains on, after the STUSB4500 chip restarts and queries successfully the USB-PD source. After this, I can disconnect and reconnect multimeter leads, all OK. But, if I now reverse the leads (multimeter would read just negative voltage), the output gets switched off again immediately as I touch either one of the output terminals with the multimeter. If I connect the multimeter leads reversed, and again press reset, all works again, I get negative output voltage. But this turning off happens forever - if I reverse the leads back to normal (red to positive, black to negative), the magic auto-off happens again whenever even one lead touches the output terminals. Could it be that the DEV-15801 lacks output capacitor and thus the multimeter leads with some capacitance, I assume, are already creating too much surge for the chip to turn off?

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