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  • I have owned one of these for 5 years and the adjustment knobs have stopped working in that there is a loose correlation between turning them and getting different values in the direction desired.

    Anybody have any experience fixing this kind of problem?

    Otherwise I quite like it.

  • Also if you do create a system for real time solutions, you risk causing lots of trouble with US munitions laws.

  • You'll want to use 5 or 6 or maybe 8. 4A is a maximum that will cause you problems if you plan on running at 100%.

  • Gravity bending light has no practical effect in this situation.

  • I would prefer a device that used a Mini USB instead.
    I can't find the source with a quick search, but I have read that the USB-IF (usb.org) is trying to phase out the Mini-B form in favor of Micro-B. Even though it isn't an issue here, they will no longer "certify" a device using Mini-B. Using micro instead of mini seems to be best practice.

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