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  • Question. So, I'm using this item on an X-Bee Board from Adafruit (, which in turn is hooked up to the Sparkfun basic FTDI cable breakout.

    My wireless credentials recently changed, and I can't command line into the wifly. Its just stuck in a loop of looking for a wireless network that doesn't exist. eg: "Auto-Assoc…FAILED" etc. I can't telnet into it either because its too busy and it time out. Everything says set the PI09 to high to create an ADHOC network so you can reboot it.

    How do you do that on a explorer or the adafruit board? Or do I have to go hooking jumpers into things, and wire it to an arduino, etc.

    I'm sorry if this a dumb question, I'm just stuck.

  • Ok I have two questions, they are very basic:

    1) How do I hook this up to my arduino so that I can control the LED inside the button, without frying my board due to the 12v battery running the LED? This might be really obvious, but I don't the procedure.

    2) What kind of connecters should I use on the switch terminals rather than soldering directly to it?

    Oh and just an edit:

    How do I modify this to run off just 5v? In case I can't figure out how to run it at 12v. Also why does this thing even need 12v?


  • Board suffered a rapid drop to the ground and now seems dead. Suggestions on this boards weakest link? Probably the headers I soldered in, but other notes are welcomed.

  • I did not think this stuff would be so difficult to handle. If you're hand sewing, get something thinner! Conducts really well though.

  • Awesome, thank you! :D

  • This is probably a dumb question, but I've been googling around and can't seem to parse out an answer, or I'm just missing it.

    Sometimes I use the MakeyMakey like a normal Arduino: I over-write the firmware with a sketch. The pin labels on the back all make sense. But what are the input labels for the Arrow Keys? ie: is it A7, A8, D6 etc. Or maybe you can't use them like that?

    I'm making a little controller and it would be nice to use aligator clips rather than a pin wire.


  • Question: If I'm charging this battery with the basic charger from sparkfun off my computer, how long does it take to finish charging?

  • Thanks for the reply! Appreciate it. :D

  • Probably a dumb question, but I'm a total n00b when it comes to wireless. Can I use this with an Arduino Uno as well as a makeymakey? As bluetooth modules can be expensive, I would like to be able to use it on both. Also is there any particular battery model recommended? Sparkfun lists quite a few.

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