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The Nation's Biggest Science Fair - USASEF

We want you to join us at the nation’s largest Science Fair from Thursday, April 24th through Sunday, April 27th at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington DC! We’ll be hosting special events and workshops on Thursday and Friday as well as soldering, e-sewing and…

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National Tour- Virginia to Nebraska and Then Home

From October 7th to November 11th SparkFun’s RV rolled through the “Southern” portion of our National Tour. I’ll bet you guys didn’t realize that Nebraska was in the South, did you? Ok, I’ll admit, I tacked on a couple other stops in order to wrap up the National…

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Midwest Tour and Win a Free RedBoard!

As you most likely know, SparkFun has been traveling around the U.S. doing all sorts of workshops. The most recent leg of the tour found our team doing everything from Scratch and Pico at a bunch of libraries to professional development at the Thomas Metcalf Laboratory at Illinois State University.…

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Teaching Robotics in Africa

Teaching for SparkFun I get the opportunity to travel around the U.S. teaching technology to people from all walks of life and all levels of knowledge. I’m not always sure what the abilities of the audience will be and I rarely know how much time the participants will have after my workshops to…

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The National Tour continues!

In July, SparkFun’s RV pointed east and headed out to do five workshops at four different museums in the Oklahoma Museum Network. We had talked to Sherry from the network and everyone was excited to teach basic programming and sensor concepts to a bunch of little dudes all over Oklahoma. Video…

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SparkFun at Make a MakerSpace, hosted by Artisan's Asylum, Part 2

Day two of Make a MakerSpace found the Lindsays of SparkFun splitting up to offer two different workshops. My boss, Dr. Lindsay Levkoff, talked about hands-on education along with people like Chris Rogers from Tufts University. They played with Legos and discussed pedagogy while I led seventy-five…

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SparkFun at Make a MakerSpace, hosted by Artisan's Asylum, Part 1

As an Educational Outreach Coordinator for SparkFun Electronics, I have seen a myriad of different educational environments since being hired in 2010. These spaces range from traditional schools to libraries to HackerSpaces and other forms of “spaces.” Schools, museums and libraries tend…

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SparkFun Teaches at Missouri 4-H Robotics Conference

The West Coast tour last fall was amazing. We met a bunch of people, taught a whole lot and got to see some awesome projects. Hoping to be home in time for Halloween, we drove through the night and found ourselves cooking cinnamon rolls for breakfast while the RV chugged up over the Rocky Mountains…

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Name Pieces Total
Summer Semester 2014
16 300.95
Simon SMD
1 24.95
Simon PTH
2 69.9
Simon Stencil
2 64.9
For Nick and Matt
11 76.25
Basic E-Origami Classroom Set
This is a basic kit to do very simple circuits with cond…
41 74.45
Pure Data Workshop
19 63.55
30 Picos for Elementary School
152 2022.4
13 111.4
xbee class
26 130.75
Simon Pack
53 479.75
Parade of Lights
7 53.2
15 T-Shirts with extra LEDs (elementary school)
An alternative to the E-Sewing kit.
62 223.95
5 day class
11 275.45
Navy Class
8 264.25
For IOIO class, June 30th and July 1st.
15 89.15
For Todd
21 561.95
robot class
15 46.3
SIK replacements
117 43.15
Media Live
3 58.85
14 421.3
Cost Effective Playdough Workshop
Parts may need to have a copper pad soldered onto them t…
81 98.45
Hack Pack
SparkFun has worked with various Spaces to put together …
39 470.05
Simon Series Workshop
10 159.9
E-Origami Cost Effective Workshop
This wishlist is for educators that wish to teach a low …
31 164.45
Electric Synth with Sam Jacoby
This wishlist is for a class where we’ll explore condu…
7 57.65
Advanced Sensors
Sensors that may be of interest to higher level labs.
24 1267.1
Uganda Items
Here ya go Sandra. These are just suggestions. Please …
213 3929.65
LilyPad for Yolande
The LilyPack Lab Pack is the base item you can use to te…
22 840.95
For James' Snowboard
7 118.5
22 127.45
Fun items to add onto an SIK based class
Here are some basic items you can add onto a SparkFun In…
17 403.7
Pico Pack
This is the hardware we use in our Elementary National T…
101 1339.95