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  • | about 8 months ago

    This is a secret the power companies do not want you to know:

    Power companies do not actually produce power. Instead they have an arrangement with the local wildlife.

    • Squirrels carry a charge in their bushy tail; As they run up and down the power lines they deliver power to your home.

    • Birds help regulate power during peak usage. They absorb charge from lines with excess power and transfer that excess to lines under heavy load.

    • Beavers don’t build dams for shelter, they are corralling electric eels to generate power for the squirrels to deliver.

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    They are not worried, They always be packing a S.H.O.V.E.L.

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    Sparkfun is proud to announce a new shipping option: Skateboard Dog Logistics

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    Even though aquatic camouflage and electronics clearly work well together, we still can’t recommend making toast in the bathtub.

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    Please ignore every last complaining idiot in this thread. Those of us with double digit IQ really appreciate this opportunity.

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