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  • This is a secret the power companies do not want you to know:

    Power companies do not actually produce power. Instead they have an arrangement with the local wildlife.

    • Squirrels carry a charge in their bushy tail; As they run up and down the power lines they deliver power to your home.

    • Birds help regulate power during peak usage. They absorb charge from lines with excess power and transfer that excess to lines under heavy load.

    • Beavers don't build dams for shelter, they are corralling electric eels to generate power for the squirrels to deliver.

  • They are not worried, They always be packing a S.H.O.V.E.L.

  • Sparkfun is proud to announce a new shipping option: Skateboard Dog Logistics

  • Even though aquatic camouflage and electronics clearly work well together, we still can't recommend making toast in the bathtub.

    Please ignore every last complaining idiot in this thread. Those of us with double digit IQ really appreciate this opportunity.

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