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  • What I would like to see is a Reverse Dumpster Dive, in which I get to clean out my computer/radio room and somebody buys the stuff and hauls it away.

  • Casey, Thanks for the update. I wondered when something like that would come along, after I returned a cardiac monitor that had a lithium (cellphone type) battery, shipping via UPS AIR. I asked the UPS store guy about it, and he said that, as of that date, no reg or rule prohibited it. He may have been uninformed then, but I'll bet he gets informed by January.

  • I just read over the datasheet. Somebody please get the maker to correct the errors! Lots of technical errors and even more language errors. That said, this is sure cheap - hope it works.

  • Thanks for the explanation.

  • Rather than naysay or whine, I will just order 4 packs of these, and give them to my grandkids and the roboteam I work with. I'll report back later on what they do with them.

  • I met Dr. Grace Hopper on a couple of occasions, when she was on speaking tours. She told a story about a project for the Navy, in which she had a Data General minicomputer with about 16K of memory. She told the Navy she could build the project using the DG machine, and they had doubts. She reminded them that she and a small team had built the first COBOL compiler on a smaller (4K, if I remember right), so not to worry. Later they named a warship after her!
    The moral of that story, if there is one, is that if you tell a smart woman she can't do something, you'd better step out of the way!

  • I just finished building the Big Time Watch with my granddaughter and the Simon game with my grandson (11 and 9, respectively). My approach to the soldering part was to show them how by soldering one joint, then watching as they soldered all the rest. The girl is now proficient with soldering, and the boy is nearly as proficient. Both projects worked immediately on completion, and now two grandsons want the watch! Thank you for a couple of excellent through-hole soldering kits. We may soon try reprogramming the Simon. The boy has a fiendish idea for Simon reprogramming.

  • I was adjusting one of these last week and the knob came off, revealing a little slotted shaft. It goes back on easily, but revealed that this little trimpot can be used in close quarters, with a screwdriver, with or without the knob. The shaft can be set up to protrude through a hole, as well.

  • Don't mind Jake. He's just molting.

  • Thanks for the opportunity to help the affected families. I found it also easy to donate through the United Way link.