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  • All of these L298 based boards are some slight variation of the MFG's suggested circuit in the app notes. The more universal the board is the more it will cost. That is the more features you can use the more parts and jumpers you are going to have. The higher voltage the caps and other parts are to take advantage of the full voltage rating of the L298 the more cost. And you do want to run at a high voltage (24-36 ish), to get speed out of stepper motors for instance. Also I can tell you that "cool" heat sink is not going to cut it, especially with a stepper motor at of near the full current rating. Standby current reduction is a really good feature to implement to keep the heat down on these. I have a board that implements most of this parts features I did for a work project, but I never thought about selling any copies because they would be too expensive for most folks. Pick the one that covers your needs. And "stall current" is really not a consideration, these limit current to what ever you set up. Up to 2A an output.

  • I sent this to a friend that has done much work in the micro/ultrasonic area back when you had to use raw transducers and design your own electronics. And he was impressed. I want to use these to shut down a machine if something gets into its work area. And about the Jesus 1st symbol. Are you so weak in your atheism that seeing a tiny symbol is going to rock your world? Symbols of atheism don't get my panty's in a bunch. Relax.

  • Feature request. How about adding a resistor pad with cut out short between the PGND pins and the ground bus. With a trace off the PGND pin to the control header or just a hole would do. So we can monitor the motor current with an ADC pin without hacking up the board.

  • Is this switch compatible with https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11146 bat handle condom, to make it water proof?

  • Does the handle condom COM-11146 fit this switch?

  • Wow nice...I need one of these. I hate it when my missile goes off accidentally. One of these on my boats battery transfer emergency start switch will prevent certain dumb asses from running all the batteries slap yo mamma dead.

  • If only :)

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