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  • My experience with similar FTDI cables is that while the I/O is at 3.3V levels, the VCC pin would be 5V coming directly from the USB socket. But verification from someone in the know would be good....

  • I've got your Arduino right here. Come and get it.

  • Note this board also works with BOB-00500 if you wish to incorporate into your project and populate your own capacitors, USB socket, etc by other means.

  • This is a decent small embedded form factor for getting your feet wet with C# .NET micro framework development. It is really nice to be able to use the Microsoft Visual Studio tool set, with single step debugging, etc. Object oriented embedded development is sweet!
    Not sure why they went with the 24-pin BASIC stamp form factor for this Mini. Recommend folks that want the features hold out for the Netduino Plus (Arduino form factor) that has microSD, Ethernet and USB capabilities, costs more but get more. Sparkfun, when will it be listed?
    If you prefer C++, can give up .NET, and want a similar but larger 40-pin form factor, go with the mbed that has more pins and more features for about same price as the Plus.