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  • The GS407 BOB was made for the old version of this unit (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9436). This one would use the EM-406 BOB instead, so they should probably just remove the GS407 BOB from the Related Products for this one. Maybe at least add a note on the GS407 BOB page as well, since Sparkfun doesn't even offer a GPS that works with it anymore.

  • I'm looking at this unit because the Ultimate IMU supports it directly, but I'm afraid my intended usage won't allow the built-in ceramic antenna to be pointed up properly. The descriptions mention an MMCX jack for an external antenna, but are there are any related products or recommendations for available antennas that will work with this module?
    EDIT: Never mind, I just noticed the MMCX to SMA cable in the related products. I just hope Sparkfun gets more in stock.

  • Also, to add to the endless stream of product requests, I'd love a similar stick for weather measurements (temp, humidity, pressure) that can be easily waterproofed.<br />
    <br />
    Oh, and something like OpenLog that's built for I2C, because it seems like that'd be a great way to chain a bunch of these small sticks together (IMU, weather, light/proximity, GPS, etc) for custom logging projects. If not a separate product, at least post the I2C code you guys hacked together for this.

  • This looks great! You guys really should update the Accelerometer, Gyro, and IMU Buying Guide. Not only is this not in it (nor is it linked from this product's page), it still references the deprecated 6DOF Razor. Keep up the good work!

  • Actually, accelerometers can only detect tilt by using gravity as a reference, and then it's only in two dimensions, not three. True detection of rotation is possible even in a zero-G environment, but only using gyros, not accelerometers, though accelerometers would still be able to detect displacement.<br />
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    The key thing here is that acceleration and rotation are inertial measurements that don't require any external reference to measure. Orientation, which is provided by the magnetometer, requires an external reference (magnetic north). It can help compensate for measurement errors, but it doesn't contribute to the object's freedom of movement.

  • Can the battery only be charged by plugging the board into USB? I'd like to be able to provide DC power directly for charging without USB, but I can't tell from the datasheet if that's possible with this board.