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  • I just purchased one of these and received it yesterday 4/1/13. I am running on a MacBook Pro with Mountain Lion (10.8.3) and FTDI kernel extension 2.2.18. I was able to get this to work with a PicAxe 08M2 and AxePad 1.5.0.

    I had to solder a jumper wire (from pin to pin) on the FTDI chip to connect RTS to CTS (I didn't have to connect DSR to DTR in order to get it to work, but I did anyway for my final solution.) I eventually found this hint somewhere on the web, so thanks to that poster. It would be nice if this board gets rev'ed to have some pads or holes to connect RTS to CTS and DSR to DTR for the Mac users. It worked fine without modification on my Windows XP side. I'm thinking that the AxePad SW doesn't configure handshake on the port properly or something.

    I also had to bring up my VM with windows XP and run FTDI's FT_Prog to program the FTDI chip to properly drive the Tx/Rx LEDs - they weren't configured properly when I received it and were constantly on (SparkFun may want to investigate.) I have programmed my PicAxe several times after making these modifications.

  • I am using this shield with a GHI Panda (erased so I can use my own development environment.) I have ported FatFs and an SPI SD driver. The card is working fine with 1G, 2G and even 4G cards, but I haven't done extensive testing on it yet.
    I have noticed that every time I insert an SD card my controller resets. Does anyone know if the socket is connected to the reset line by chance? I don't see anything on the schematic that indicates this. Just wondering if there is an easy answer to this before I pull out the scope.

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