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  • Here we see Happy the BoomboxBot ignoring a human' order to stop, as he desperately tries to escape Giant Frowning Head Bot.

  • I just had the micro-usb connector snap off of this product. I've only recharged my project under a dozen times. The connector snapped off while I was inserting the cable.

    Disappointed. I've also used the one with the mini-b usb connector, and that one has not given me any problems so far.

  • I'm looking forward to playing around with this board when I can get my hands on one.

    One thing that will probably be an issue for shield compatibility is that anything using SPI will have to get it through the ICSP connector - the hardware SPI pins are not connected to pins 10..13 on the Leonardo.

    On the other hand that does give you 3 more digital pins, if you want to access MISO, MOSI and SCK and don't mind hooking up to the ICSP instead of the regular headers.

  • Meh. Last years was exciting and challenging. This year was boring and tedious.

    Hope for something better next year - even a return to the quiz format would be preferable.


  • These things are just the bomb. Great price for what you get.
    I confess I haven't been using them as intended - once I have a project all figured out with the arduino and the breadboard etc I order one of these and write my sketch to it. Any time I am using an arduino and the liquidcrystal library and I am ready to go from prototype to finished project, this is my go-to kit. Just wish it included a socket for the IC.
    I've got it driving my diy networked home thermostat:

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