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  • Suspect the reason no western supplier has ever come anywhere close to the Odroids for all these years is they’re too good to be true & the cost of shipping one from Taiwan is outrageous. No-one has ever actually stress tested an Odroid, nor has anyone stepped up to criticize their own purchase.

  • There are quality assurance, web design & back office services in Boulder. In exchange for mountains, most of us would have very boring jobs in Boulder, compared to what we can do in Calif* with a lot less qualifications. The Bluetooth IOT spec is a complex beast. With every new standard exponentially more complex than the last one, it’s amazing new standards can succeed at all, but they do.

  • Testosterone, lots & lots of testosterone at that show.

  • It’s for audiophiles who think sound made from purely analog circuits & JFETs with pilot lights is better than sound made from a DAC. Maybe Sparkfun is going to start selling JFETs with pilot lights.

  • Screw this kickstarter nonsense. Real businesses get started by selling electronics in the food court.

  • So once Google buys this out & sells all the brainwaves in the world for $50 trillion, is there going to be anything left for them to acquire, since the brainwaves that created all the stuff in the world will now have been sold.

  • Don’t use too many spare parts. The internet audience definitely gravitates to off the shelf parts from hobbyking or sparkfun over spare parts. There’s a careful balance between intrigue & sponsorship.

  • It’s amazing that 2 days after Google bought Skybox for $½ billion, their product is already obsolete. New satellites are ½ the size & map the moon.

  • Don’t get your beard caught in the extruder.

  • Utterly worthless. Intermittent contact. No resistance to any environment but the driest indoor environment.