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ex senior sw engineer at Pinetree. We did handheld data terminals for field service.


the weird guy with answers.


now, just NATE

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APL, BASIC, C, C++, FORTRAN, Z80 and 8x86 assembely, and what ever hammer is handy to get the box to do magic.


everything, unless it means work.


tooooo many.


only enough to play.

  • Include options for measure methods. Example Amps: clsmp meters (AC & DC) and in series. Additional series methods would be series internal / external (for large currents) to the meter. Also electronic modules that do amplification or conversion to digital data via SPI, I2C and magic smoke communication protocols.

  • How about internship. Visit local high school consulers, which ladies have an interest. Give them a summer or semester job as they go to college. They lose their fear of tech jobs, and gossip to their friends and younger sisters to think engineering.

  • On the subject of covers for bales of hay ... do it like the big boys. Instead of adverts by Ford, Bridgestone or Valvoline,we could have tarps/bags with names like Atmel, TI or Microsoft. Sponsors would add prises, add color, and maybe the picture of a tunnel to keep Wylee Coyote on his toes when racing with the Road Runner.

  • ... and now the lamps are begining to call him names!

  • He did not believe it, but Jim may have created at working teleport.

  • That is one intense hammer!

  • In the late 60's i started with BASIC. Later when I dived into assembly, reading well commented code help me learn what is happening and why a particular instruction was used. Well commented code, libraries, and examples will help a newbie have confidence to hack a bit of code to do something different. They are not ready to write a new protocol, but want to change which pins are used.

  • Thanks for putting the subject in the video title. When I hit a bump, (or a part jumps off the board) I can search your posts and recover my nerves sooner. P.S. the differential pairs is spot on for a current communications project. THANKS!!!

  • On the "tender" subject of doing more "according to Sir Pete": Instead of labeling the episode by date alone, please include a descriptive phrase (e.g. "Detonating Capacitors").

  • The high preist of the Church of the Spark, the Fun, and the Holy Blue Smoke begins the training of the youngest members.

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