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ex senior sw engineer at Pinetree. We did handheld data terminals for field service.


the weird guy with answers.


now, just NATE

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APL, BASIC, C, C++, FORTRAN, Z80 and 8x86 assembely, and what ever hammer is handy to get the box to do magic.


everything, unless it means work.


tooooo many.


only enough to play.

  • On the subject of covers for bales of hay … do it like the big boys. Instead of adverts by Ford, Bridgestone or Valvoline,we could have tarps/bags with names like Atmel, TI or Microsoft. Sponsors would add prises, add color, and maybe the picture of a tunnel to keep Wylee Coyote on his toes when racing with the Road Runner.

  • … and now the lamps are begining to call him names!

  • He did not believe it, but Jim may have created at working teleport.

  • That is one intense hammer!

  • In the late 60’s i started with BASIC. Later when I dived into assembly, reading well commented code help me learn what is happening and why a particular instruction was used. Well commented code, libraries, and examples will help a newbie have confidence to hack a bit of code to do something different. They are not ready to write a new protocol, but want to change which pins are used.

  • Thanks for putting the subject in the video title. When I hit a bump, (or a part jumps off the board) I can search your posts and recover my nerves sooner. P.S. the differential pairs is spot on for a current communications project. THANKS!!!

  • On the “tender” subject of doing more “according to Sir Pete”: Instead of labeling the episode by date alone, please include a descriptive phrase (e.g. “Detonating Capacitors”).

  • The high preist of the Church of the Spark, the Fun, and the Holy Blue Smoke begins the training of the youngest members.

  • Link in loops. I guess the quess-tions are ready yet.

  • IR, oh what fun it is. I use the little handheld IR non-contact thermometers in my work. I now have an infrared camera, and learned a lot more. What range will they work? Forever. The catch is it takes an average of what it sees. A small apparent size will not be detected. If your target fills most of the Field Of View, you are measuring your target. Will it see thru glass? No, infrared reflects off of glass like a mirror. My camera can see someone standing behind me. My camera is sensitive and can even see warn foot prints on the floor. Will it give an accurate temperature reading of shinny surfaces? No, aluminum foil (flex duct and the like) reflects infrared the temperature of things around it. It will not see the temperature of air, but the things the air hits will give hints of the air temperature striking the objects. And have you heard of emissivity? Some things look like the temperature they are and others look like they are colder. On average they work well, but infrared is a very different color of light and somethings will surprise you.

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