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  • This does appear to be a nice kit, but it lacks native wifi in the description. Since they did not use an authentic pi 4 in the device you cannot assume it has wifi. This is a serious drawback when you consider that you are basically getting a computer that you can connect to your TV, and you'll want a wifi mouse. If you have to use a low profile wifi dongle, and a BT mouse adapter, you drop down to 1 available USB slot. (The USB-C is power only). This relegates you to using a USB hub - and that has to be a powered hub for most devices because the pi (and this is a plus) is so low energy. You might say, big deal? The Pi needs power to operate anyway, so you can't really cut the cord? It really kind of is. There's room inside the keyboard for a couple lipo batteries and a charge controller. If it weren't for the missing wifi and USB port, this could be the ultimate cord cutter's TV controller.

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