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  • My servo does a really strange thing. I have an AtTiny45 sending out a PWM signal (20 ms, with the high time varying from 1 to 2 msec and then back again). I measured it with my oscilloscoop and the AtTiny works. The high time goes up from 1 msec, to 2, and then back to 1 (in 8 steps, like I programmed, no special reason for those 8 steps, just a test program, I have the AtTiny do a _delay_ms of 500 ms between each step). However when I connect the servo to it, the PWM signal is constantly being pushed back to 2 msec high time. Sometimes it goes back to something like 1,7 msec, sometimes 1,9 (completely random) before it jumps back to 2 msec. I have a more than sufficient power supply, I measured the voltage line also, it's a stable 5V, even when the servo is turning. Don't know what the problem could be..

  • ""ok, who else had the first thought "iron man arc reactor" :D ""
    I did :P I already build one myself but I want a thinner one, so this could help. Too bad it's red. White or blue would be nice.
    [edit] too small for an arc reactor. should be about 6 cm, this is only 3,5.

  • Can someone fix the page.
    I tried to autonotify, but the video is on top of the autonotify field.
    I can only click cancel now

  • Yes LouM, you are right.
    There are 3 LEDs in series. With a resistor for each colour.
    It's about 10 cm (3.94 inch?) in length.
    So of you have 1 meter, that is 10 of these peaces parallel.

  • Does this work with the Xbee Explorer Regulated and the Xbee Explorer Dongle?
    And why does the 'datasheet' refer to series 1?
    Is there a real datasheet available about this chip, with the functions of each pin (ADC/PWM....)
    edit: found this:

  • So you have one and probably tested it by now?
    Or at least you know which pinout is wrong?
    Could you share it with us?

  • Which is the correct pinout?
    The datasheet says:
    1: GND
    2: Vout
    3: Vin
    While both the LM7805 which is also a TO-220 package
    and the Eagle library of April 13th 2010 (V_REG_LD1117X) have:
    1: Vin
    2: GND
    3: Vout

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