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  • I wonder if these mic's are bad. Seems like a few have gotten this to work, but I've tried using these with the arduino ADC, and the sensistivity is just not there. If you tap the mic with your finger you get some modulation, otherwise the values just sit pretty constant between 480 and 512. Fooey.

  • These are really decent calipers. I bought them on Amazon for about half the price as they are listed here, but I wish I'd gotten them here instead so I could support the local peeps. At this price they are a steel.
    I tested this against some analog feelers, and mine was dead nuts...China is doin good!

  • Its sad they are out of stock. If you need these in a hurry like me, Digi-Key has them, for $4.00 more. Their PN is RS125ND.

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