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  • Product COM-12852 | about 3 weeks ago

    Done & done: SparkFun According to Pete 7-5-11: Diodes and Transistors

    Pete puts out some great material in this tutorial. He’s got others that are pretty informative as well.

  • Product COM-12584 | about 5 months ago

    Could be a great way to display bus arrival times, weather and more while sipping coffee and getting ready to put in contacts.

  • Product DEV-11401 | last year

    My Imp shield seems to have some bad connectors on the imp socket. I have to press lightly on the top of the metal card housing to get all the connectors to make contact with the rest of the circuit. Any tips? Do you have an improved shield?

  • Product DEV-11401 | last year

    Do the I2C lines (from imp pins 1 & 2) require pull-up resistors for this shield?

  • Product PRT-10110 | about a year ago

    Here’s a link to the design files (Eagle schematic & layout) along with the PSD files for the board artwork. I use the pre-sensitized photo boards.


    The Sipex part is in Eagle already (download Sipex Custom from Eagles site). The other parts are from Sparkfun’s LBR.

  • Product PRT-10110 | about a year ago

    I built a 5v boost regulator for this pack, which replaces the empty board in the non-serviceable end. More here:


  • Product PRT-11544 | about 2 years ago

    That is one shinny quarter.

  • Product DEV-09530 | about 2 years ago

    Great little piece of hardware - I was able to build one over the weekend using the firmware, schematic and other documentation linked on here. My only hardships came about from not setting the boot size fuses correctly. And I had to use an STK500 programmer for both the boot loader and the main firmware as I couldn’t get the Arduino IDE to connect to the AVR (started with a bare-metal chip). I know you guys just did a write up on your open hardware business model, but thanks again for supporting the weekend hobbyist!

  • News - New Product Friday: The H… | about 2 years ago

    How about a computer vision security system? Show it a deck of colored cards, in a specific sequence, to unlock your hacker treehouse?

  • Product KIT-11365 | about 2 years ago

    It’d be cool to see a production board using Charlieplexed LEDs. For ATTiny2313 @ 20mHz, you can drive 42 LEDs with PWM effects. Of course, firmware needs to be carefully crafted assembly and the board layout will be a bit crazy. Maybe 2 t2313 chips could drive an entire grill effect - AKA Nightrider?

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