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  • Is this module compatible with the current XBee library for Arduino? The Library page says it is compatible with Series 1 & 2. However, I'd like to know if this counts as one of those series.

  • So, How about stacking 2 of these in parallel to get 3.7V and 4000mAH. Think they could be charged on a single cell charger IC while still hooked in parallel? After all, wouldn't the charger only see a "big" single cell LiPo?

  • hmm... guess certain formatting isn't allowed. The spacing is 3.75mm between 1A & 1B and 3.25mm between 1A & 2B.

  • Just got mine yesterday and noticed one thing. The holes for the motor connections aren't spaced right. They do not allow 2 3.5mm pitch screw terminals side by side for each motor. The distance of the holes is:

    Just barely enough to not let my terminals fit in next to each other. Not gonna stop me from using the board but maybe the holes can be fixed to a more even separation. Maybe a 0.1" pitch would be better for space saving and allow for standard headers.
    Big ups to SparkFun for all their work! Love these guys.

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