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Kuro Maii

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  • all ready looking forward to the product video ^.^

  • yhea I thought so, but wouldn't it be cool to do the Sparkfun flame with these in a part of the back ground?

  • like to see a wall of these boxes in the product video

  • I got this in the mail today and started assembly right away. There where some things I noticed:

    1 When putting the first motor in was that the bolt did not fit.

    the mount I was putting the bold through fell about 5mm and I grabbed another for no particular reason. the bolt went through the hole and the motor more easily, it was still very snug but it fitted.

    2 One nut was flush against the chassis-bottom and the other was turning freely.

    3 The "Speed board holders" (weird name) are very lose fitting.

    4 I found 8 M3 nuts in the pack of which 2 have a broken thread and did not screw on the bolts.

    5 The mounting holes for the battery pack both in the battery pack and the chassis-bottom are to far apart for the M3*10 flatheads to fit nice and fluch (or the heads are to wide...)

    after fumbling around with some parts I got it to fit nicely together and am not going to disassemble it any time soon. an overall grade for this in my opinion will be an 0x0D

    for some reason I can't find my soldering gun so I can't put headers on the ROB-09457 that I ordered with this so it has yet to drive a centimeter. I am hoping to find it soon I am itching to get this platform driving on it's own in stead of me reliving my childhood and using it as a toy car.....

  • OK this is a stupid question... here is a stupid answer: No you do not need to be logged in nor do you need an account. There did any body else not read or not watch the video? I feel like answering stupid questions with stupid answers. :p

  • Okay you just ownd every one...

  • The new U.S. Submarine camouflage was shown off at Maker Fair as a prototype for amphibious cars. Although the prototype was soon discovered, thanks to all the backwards swimming fish, it was a great success.

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