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  • Hi, This module is perfect for some of my projects. I've received mine yesterday, and since then I'm having problems with the HTTP Server feature. I'm trying to post to a webserver some DATA send to the UART via arduino FIO, but by some reason it's not connecting, or sending. I have the set sys uart 2 option, also if I connect the RN-XV to the USB xbee explorer works just fine. Any tips on this?

    Thanks Rechena

  • Hi, I just bought this wonderful LCD but I'm having huge huge problems connecting it..could anyone please point me in the right direction? Since there are pins that aren't metioned in the code, for example the 6 - DNK(MOSI)...
    Help please..
    ps: I'm using it with a Arduino UNO, so I have the 3.3V pin...

  • Having the same waiting for lock problem :S anyone?

  • Greetings, <br />
    Although it shows in the video that is possible to connect this to an Arduino, I haven't actually found anything about that, does anyone ever done that? Not connecting the ID-20 or other one, but connecting the USB Reader, does it need to still be connected to the the USB port of any computer or can I use the 5V in the arduino pin?<br />
    <br />

  • Hi, since I'm new to this, my question is quite simple...<br />
    When you say I can re-route the TX/RX to any digital line, although the defaults in DLINE (2 and 3) is made by code correct? So I can #define RXPIN 3 to #define RXPIN 8 and #define TXPIN 2 to #define TXPIN 9, for example?<br />
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    Sorry about the "lame" question, but I'm planing to stack a couple of shields, and this is important. <br />
    <br />
    Thanks, and like 33Warlord already said let's hope in the future all the shields will give us this flexibility.