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  • Very nice product. Had some trouble getting it to work correctly. The following link was very helpful: The key is to initialize the display a couple times on start up using the 0x76 command for reset. (“v” works also) Then load it with your favorite charters to make sure it worked.
    Then the set the brightness command 0x7A command. I use 0x7A, 0X40 for 75% brightness.
    75% brightness should extend battery life, and prevent the display from burning out prematurely. (remember 0x254 is 100% too bright. 0x7F or 50% is probably too dim). This product needs a little patience for inexperience programmers. It is good to send the reset command before you send other commands. ( send the reset command on one line of code then your special command, or 4 byte display command on the next line.) Again nice product; good alternative to a LCD, when cost is a issue.

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