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  • Product GPS-11571 | about a year ago


    What is the P/N for a mating connector? Is this one OK/

  • News - Parsing GPS with FPGA | about 2 years ago

    the current consumption of FPGA is still very high, usually a few times higher than a comparable uC-based solution. What is the total power consumption of the project hardware?

  • Product SEN-10937 | about 2 years ago

    MPU-6050 info temporarily removed due to InvenSense request

    i was too late (???)

  • News - The IOIO and Android Base… | about 3 years ago

    Why Google denies to use USB OTG, which would be the simplest way and compatible with PC to interface a variety of devices.
    Why and once again why?
    I would like to use an FTDI chip and a virtual COM port on Android acting as host. (Instead of PIC acting as USB host and Android acting as USB device.)
    I have doubts if any of that so called standards will survive.
    But still have one of the boards to play with.

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