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  • Has anyone used these sensors in tension? is it possible to re-configure them somehow to do so?

    The price is certainly right to give it a try. With careful calibration, if it's good enough for human bodyweight, I feel like it's good enough for my purposes as a biomechanics researcher,

    Would love to design a Load Cell / strain gauge eval board maybe with datalogging and USB (OpenLog + op amps + shunt resistors?). If I design it, I will happily share. If something like this exists already, I would happily buy it, too.

  • This is fantastic. As a former VEX user, i love this, and this is essentially a higher level of VEX, with moar open soarce hardware/software

    However, I would love to see some groupings of these products. It is hard to just dive in to designing robots with this system without some sort of kit to start from or other type of grouping of components, so it's easier to see what you would need or want in a complete system.