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Paolo Mosna

Member Since: November 23, 2010

Country: Italy

  • Just a question, how can I charge these batteries if I have two of them connected in parallel together? Can I still use a standard lipo charger?

    Thanks for any suggestion. Paolo.

  • I using 9dof stick with Arduino MiniPro, Jennic5148 and LPC1343 (32 bin ARM coretx 3 micro).
    If you want I can provide my libraries as they are, up to you to adapt to your PIC32.

  • The pull-up resistors are already on the 9dof sensor stick, so you do not need anything else.
    Pullup resistors are always required on I2C bus, a logic level adapter is required if you are not working with 3.3V.
    And this is not a matter of power supply of the stick, but a matter with I2C logic levels.
    If we are talking about using ArduinoMini Pro, just connect VCC with VCC, GND with GND, SDA to A4 and SCL to A5.
    To note that the address of ITG on 9dof stick is 0x68 and not 0x69 as in the breakout boud for ITG3200.
    You can find lot of info here: http://www.varesano.net/

  • I finally gave up and build my own board...much cheaper much smaller and much controllable....
    I know this won't help you much.

  • I'm using imu 9dof stick of sparkfun with an arduino pro mini 328.
    This is a 3.3V device so there is no incompatibility with I2C bus logic levels.
    But it is very important to use a couple of pull-up resistors on SCL and SDA lines. By the way, just to be sure, SCL and SDA are A5 and A4 respectively (see http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardProMini).
    If you want I can share with you my arduino code?

  • I'm working with 3.6v as input voltage and a 3.3 voltage regulator on the board without problems.
    I also replaced the 3.3 voltage regulator with a 2.8 voltage regulator (it looks to me adxl345 is working better with lower tension) and all three sensors were still working good.

  • It is very important to me to have an estimation of the availability of this item, is it 1 month, 2 month or 1 week?
    I appreciate very much,

  • Dear Sparkfun, is it possible to foreseen a date when this item would be available?

  • Free DAY failed!
    I know you do for charity, but I spent 1 hour trying to load you initial page....
    I vote for: "Next time try having a system that can handle the load."

  • Does anyone know the wire diameter?