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  • I've been playing with the device to use it for the same purpose. Unfortunately, you cannot retrieve all of the basic BLE advertisement information that is available from all BLE devices.

    For instance, I used the example code provided by Sparkfun to return the results of a scan with 3 Estimote beacons in range. It came back with BT Address F0498EEAAE97 for one of the beacons. However, a scan using my iPhone came up with a 32 character UUID, 9 character ConcreteUUID, and 22 character Device Information. The Device Information field was 97AEEA8E 49F0B697 AEEA8E. You can see the BT Address from the BLE Mate 2 is a weird mixup of a portion of the Device Information field.

    As far as I can tell you cannot grab any more information because all you get is the SCN results. If someone can figure out how to get the basic BLE advertisement info then let me know. Otherwise, you won't be able to get beacon major/minor info and a whole UUID.

    It seems this this was design to be a peripheral and be controlled by other devices, or to be a central and only find and connect to other BC118s.

  • The fritzing image shows the select wire going from pin 2 on the arduino to the OE pin on the SmartBasic. This wire should go to the SEL pin on the SmartBasic. Drove me crazy for a few minutes.

  • Here at Sparkfun, our QC department tests for all manner of durabilty issues...even a top rope elbow drop.

  • Day 35: I have gained the owls' trust. They still do not know I'm an engineer.

  • Oh well, I've been using OSH Park recently anyway. Too many issues with BatchPCB rejecting my designs, but OSH Park had no problems with the exact same designs.

  • I looked at the X-Tend modules when I started planning for my first launch, but decided to go with Radiometrix HX1-144.390-3 transmitter. It uses the national APRS frequency which has defined formats for reporting location. It worked great and I've seen a lot more people use the ham frequencies with success (Trackuino is one example). I'm launching another balloon later this month. Check out my website (sorry if this is considered spam) I'll post how to follow the launch on as the date gets closer.

  • That just means it is capable of talking to an Apple product. If you pair it with something else, then it won't use that chip at all. Even if you do though, it's not required to be encrypted unless the SPOT designers wanted to make it encrypted. The Apple protocol isn't anything too special anyway.

  • Let's see that cat hide from GPS!

  • Why not use iTunes U to spread these classes also? I'm not sure of the requirements to post classes there, but it would be worth a try and allow everyone to automatically subscribe to new classes as they are released and save them to their iDevices easily.

  • The USPS considers these to be hazardous materials, digikey only allows shipping via UPS/Fedex. Are you able to get around this somehow?

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