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Mr Earl

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  • In the last picture of "How LEDs are made" it looks as if Alicia has a soldering iron arm.

  • Fortunately, I've got four of them allready ;-) Inspired by Secret Agent Laser Obstacle Chess (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFol-Aiz8MQ), I once set up a laser diode, an Arduino and an LDR in the corridor at home. We had some guests at night and everybody got pranked.

  • If only Harvey Dent had watched the new products video about the new addressable RGU(ltra violet) LED strips...

  • According to this http://www.flickr.com/photos/johngineer/7329403498/in/photostream/lightbox/ there is a problem with using pin 2. I assume because it's physically connected to the SDA pin. I tried changing the bildr example code to use pin 4 and it worked! see also: http://forum.bildr.org/viewtopic.php?f=29&p=5808

  • Is there an easy way to get the actual input voltage of the lipo?
    I want to measure the voltage and light an LED if it drops too low to inform that it needs to be charged.
    I considered cutting the cables of the battery, but if there's another way it would be nice.

  • I'm confused by the data sheet. It says JP2 numbered from 1 through 6.
    However, on the LCD JP2 is numbered through 10. What are the remaining 4 pins for? (and where can I find the documentation for them?)

  • Thanks! It's 5 V.
    Another thing I could not find out here is how to connect an Arduino bootloaded MCU to the DTR.
    After a little bit of google search I found out that you need to put a 100 nF capacitor between DTR and the reset pin (pin 1 in case of a atmega328). In my case, just connecting reset and DTR did not work.
    Maybe you could put this information into the description.

  • I just got one via a local store. On the top it says 3.3 V but on the bottom the trace is set to 5 V.
    What is it? 5 V or 3.3?

  • Hi, guys!
    Is there any estimation when these LCDs will be back in stock again?