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  • Has anyone had an issue with the chassis pulling slightly to either direction while rolling?

  • Do the motors come with the jumpers soldered on, or will I need to solder on my own?

  • Does anyone know how much current these draw?

  • I just received this item this item, and am attempting to pair it with my computer running windows 7, at first it was only detecting it as rn-42 and connecting to com 3 with the red light blinking slowly, after which I would get an out of bounds error for the serial port. Now it detects the device, but will not let me add it to my device list. I am using an arduino uno board with the RX connected to the TX and the TX connected to the RX, powered with the 5 volt, with RTS and CTS connected to each other. It should be noted I have the servo firmata on the arduino board and am using processing to control a servo attached to the board.

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