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Member Since: November 24, 2010

Country: United States



i am a 25 year old man who is starting to program recently.


lead singer :-)


top secret stuff :-)

Spoken Languages

danish & English

Programming Languages

non for now


non i am a one man army :-D


photography, science , computers, ladys, women, bitches ;-)


www.youtube.com/mortensaks http://twitter.com/mortensaks

  • News - Free Day 2012 is Under Wa… | about 2 years ago

    It was frustrating, but thrilling :-D i cant believe the People’s comments here!!!! U cant expect to win, it is a random contest, some Got it after, 3 minuts , some after 3 hours, some dident get it at All, i Got mine after almost 5 hours, and i Can get some things now i dident afford, but it is a contest, it is not about winning or losing, but being a part of it :-)

  • Product ROB-09065 | about 3 years ago

    when will this be back in stock? i need then :-D

  • News - Free Day is January 13th,… | about 3 years ago

    wow this is amazing, i can order for 150$ for free?<br />
    and only have to pay for the shipping to Denmark?<br />
    i will give the info to my Homies :-D<br />

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