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  • Thanks so much for posting this! This post prevented me from trying to do all that research myself! Glad I looked here first. :) Thanks again!

  • FYI, apparently DAGU is switching to hall-effect encoders, rather than optical. Don't freak out when you open the motor case and don't see the black&white encoder wheel on the gear (like I did for about 5 minutes just now)! They say the user shouldn't notice the difference, but I thought it should be put on here in case anyone else opens their motor and notices the absence of stripes!

  • Anyone know what the "X" is on top of just one of the quadcopters?

  • She should next mix in a little game of Risk. Give each person in the pool a small radio device to put in their pocket. Any time that person stands on a platform it changes to be their specific color. The color is not locked though, so the platform may be "taken over" by any other player at any time. Let the game time be about 5 minutes. The person with the most colors alive at the end of the 5 minutes wins the game! That would be a fun game for younger (and perhaps even some of us older) kids!

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