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  • I got two of these defective boards. I tested one with every mechanical thing I could think of to fix it, even soldered a paper clip as a spring to hold pressure from the back side. Nothing worked permanently. I ended up cracking the glass trying just to get the thing to work! I cracked it more out of frustration.
    My second one had the exact same problem. I took the glass off and have applied superglue to the back of the glass and am clamping it (more gently this time) overnight to try to just get my $20 worth (at this point) out of the last one I have.
    Edit: After leaving glue to dry overnight, LCD simply does not turn on anymore. All the connections are good, but absolutely nothing shows on the LCD now at all. Only the LEDs come on.
    I suggest no one buys these. For $10 you are just buying frustration... LCD won't work at all.

  • I've used the RN-41 before, and I just found this one. I'm not seeing much of a difference between them. What are the pros and cons of using this over the RN-41 (other than cost)?

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