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  • I got my sim card. I'm Canadian so I was eager to try it from a different country. The only networks that seems to answer is Roger so I guess they are their service partner for the country. The speed isn't great, in fact it's pretty awful but for M2M I guess it's good enough (I wasn't able to do any speed test because of the awful speed but in total I did nearly 10 MB in 30 minutes, which is far from LTE but still totally reasonable for M2M).

    I got some SMS from T-Mobile, one of them contained a phone number associated to the sim card. I haven't try to call or send an SMS to it, neither did I tried to call or send an SMS from it.

    EDIT: I just did multiple speed test, it always start at around 0.05 Mbps but always finish with an average of 0.10 Mbps. The upload is similar. It means 80 seconds to do 1 MB which is not bad. There's a potential to do 30 GB per month which is way more than needed for most M2M system. The ping is at 150 ms.

    Now I need to buy an Adafruit Fona, a battery, a solar panel and something to do with all this...

    EDIT #2: I tried to send an SMS and it was fine. Shouldn't it do an error or anything?

  • The description clearly say 2 GB LTE per month. After this is throttle to a lower speed (I'm curious to know the speed).

    As soon as I receive it I will clearly do a speed test but I'm in Canada so it will be on one of their "service partner", which probably won't be on LTE.

  • I waited nearly 3 hours to get it, I don't believe you can say that it's whoever happens to be on their computer.

    You should start reading Sparkfun news each friday to see their new products instead.

  • Your cart had to be ready before ordering! That's a newbie mistake.

  • That was quick but really painless! I was sure the website would slow down awfully, that it wouldn't work and anything but actually after ordering, making sure everything was fine and paying, I still were able to see like 80 units in stock. Everything was sold out around 12:03.

  • Will work in any area of the UK or EU.

    It doesn't look like it work everywhere in the world.

    SMS to UK & EU £0.10 Excluding VAT / £0.12 Including VAT

    UK Voice calls: £0.50 Excluding VAT / £0.60 Including VAT

    It's doesn't look like a good price, any prepaid card will give you better rate than this and the sim card won't be as expensive.

  • It look like Australia is on the list of coverage. http://www.t-mobile.com/cell-phone-plans/simple-choice-international-plan-countries.html

    I'm from Canada and I bought one, let's hope it does work here (the coverage map is pretty clear that we are covered by "service partner").

  • Maybe in UK but here in North-America you don't get much for 25$ a month. You can see by yourself on the T-Mobile website, it's 80$ a month for an unlimited sim card (it does include SMS and call but we both know that you pay less than 30$ for the same in EU).

  • It's what they did on the Hookup Guide: https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/micro-oled-breakout-hookup-guide

  • They haven't use legal channel to act, which make it illegal. Do you think that the case of Sparkfun would be the same if Fluke had only took the container and destroyed everything inside themselves? I can tell you, it wouldn't be.

    Laws protect us against this, if they believe the device infringed their copyright, it need to go in front of a judge and we have the right to defends yourself.

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