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I’m a master of every computer language you’ve ever heard of and even a few you haven’t. Now I want to use my craptastically huge brain to create an android army, and I see Sparkfun as the supplier for my goal to rule the world.


God. Of code.


I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you. Or just threaten you with a mean voice…

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All of them.

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I quit Mensa because the conversations were boring. I helped Bob Dobbs start COTSG. Currently the CEO/CIO of the Illuminati.


All of them.




Ruling the world, playing the guitar.

  • That is AMAZING!! Wow. Huge kudos to whomever made these. I figure just about everything there is made of icing, but what’s the LED sticking out of the breadboard made of?

  • I just got the HelloIOIO app working on the Motorola Atrix!
    Eclipse: I’m going to be working with Eclipse, not because I’m familiar with it – I can get around in it okay, but I’m no expert with it – but because that’s what half the world is using for Java development nowadays. I see it as good experience.
    Power supply: For prototyping, I’m okay with a wall wart for now, but I’ll be checking out that battery power thread on Google once I get a project together.

  • Two things: one, this thing makes one helluva a loud super-high pitched whine when powered up. Almost painful. Second, none of the lights comes on.
    I mounted the Escudo shield mounted on an Uno, plugged the 3V inverter’s black/red plug into “Raw Voltage”, the black/black plug into “Inverter Output”, and plugged in three EL wires. I ran the EL_Blink example program. Nothing.
    Tried plugging the inverter directly into each of the EL wires. No whine, and each of the wires glowed nicely.
    Tried the Escudo again, this time with the inverter drawing from the Arduino’s 3.3V line. Same whine, and the wires didn’t light up.
    Tried the sketch given by “dvp” on this page October 30, 2009. No lights.
    Anyone have problems similar to this? I’d really love to get this thing running.

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