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  • If I lived in George, the first thing I would do is get a stop order, or risk my personal info and buying habits becoming part of court/public records.

    Thoughts: Given that they have the part, you would think that they would narrow the search to orders with the part on it. The IP address seems like a waste of time given they have CC and addresses. Of course narrowing it to the state is funny in that it assumes criminals respect state lines.

    How exactly is this info presented (assuming you don't want to annoy the judge)? Hardcopy? Sorted by ip address? On a flash drive in tab delimited text?

  • Just remember not to drink the MBA kool-aid while you are eating ERP. ERP is great in theory but I have never seen a truly successful implementation. Many companies have gone bankrupt because they let someone else tell them how to run their business.
    My company will not touch open source unless it comes with support (i.e. RedHat).
    I could just imagine telling compliance that we were planning to use hotplates to do reflow. Questions they would ask would be who is going to support it if it breaks? Is it certified so that if it starts a fire, insurance will pay out. What about work place health and safety rules.
    My suggestion is to send your staff on courses to learn about ERP, process management, ITIL, etc. That way they will know your business, your culture and then figure out what will work for you.

  • Jar Head Life Support System

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