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  • Thanks, Kamiquasi! That works perfectly. Yeah, I think it's time to upgrade, as we're getting a lot more use out of Eagle these days. Thanks again for your help.

  • Oh, that's a thought... could you export a DXF? I need to incorporate all the features (board edges, mounting holes, pin locations) into a mechanical assembly. It would be nice to actually use the *.brd file, but for now, I just need mechanical features.

  • Does anybody have the brd for this that can be opened with Eagle v5.11? I can't upgrade to Eagle 6.0 yet.

  • While you only need V+ and GND to heat the SMA wires to actuate, we recommend monitoring the Contracted pin and removing power when you hit it. This prevents overheating of the SMA wires, which can happen pretty quickly if you are using higher voltage (for faster actuation speed). At low voltages (~3V) you don't really need to monitor the Contracted pin.
    There is no built in return spring, so the NM706-Super does not return by itself after the ~4mm actuation. The SMA wires just cool, and lengthen, so need to be 'pulled' back out to the starting position.

  • At the two ends of stroke (extended or contracted) the output stage contacts a pin sticking out of the PCB, shorting it to the voltage on the output stage. We recommend hooking it up so the output stage is at GND (V+ is on the center stage), so the Extended or Contracted pins will go to logic Low.

  • Just uploaded a new movie of an NM70 hoisting a 3 ounce lead fishing weight to:
    Sorry for the low resolution...

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