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  • Everything is not always as it seems, nor do all screws ever get back where they belong.

  • Despite the relentless march of technology, Link still preferred a little old school gaming. Or, more precisely, some old game schooling.

  • I’d personally like to see more MQTT integration with data.sparkfun.com. That’d make it a lot easier to respond to data being posted as well.

    For the unfamiliar: MQTT is a lightweight “machine-to-machine” protocol that works fantastically for microcontrollers and their kin. It uses a subscription model for disseminating updates to clients and uses a fluid hierarchy. (A device can publish to any given topic and if a client subscribes with an appropriate wildcard they’ll receive the new topic.) It requires a broker (server) to manage all publications and subscriptions. There’s a lot more detail on Mosquitto’s manpage.

  • Something that I’m not seeing space for here: HVAC automation. Is it something you plan on integrating with everything else?

    Personally I’m looking into things like zoning and air recycling within the home, but that might be a bit more than most folks are gunning for.

  • That’s why we just have a dual-action hand pump. It’s as quiet as you care to make it (just pump slower), and has this newfangled technology that requires no power adapters or batteries!

  • Achievement get: Sparking Fun!

  • I have a stream with all of two entries that’s used for update checks by programs I wrote. They’ll check in with that stream to see what the current version is, and which stream they should use to pull an update. (I also wrote a utility that will encrypt a binary file, convert it to ASCII via Base64, split it into smaller chunks, and then upload it to a Phant server. Pretty nifty way of distributing updates, and it’ll lend itself nicely to block-level update downloads one I get a round tuit.)

  • Ruh roh… Looks like I better freshen-up what’s more-or-less a static stream…

    Question: Does “inactivity” include read access, or only writes/updates?

  • I’m with you on cert-based signatures. There’s not a shortage of places where you can get a cert for that very purpose at no charge. StartSSL comes to mind especially.

  • It’s malformed (It wants to go to http://www.http//phant.io/)

    Here’s a working link: Phant