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  • I just got mine in the mail!

    On the board it has 3.3 marked for Vcc. The Si4735 data sheet states supply V can be from 2.7 - 5.5V, I/O V is 1.85 - 3.6V.

    Have you done this so we don't have to mess around with 2 supply rails?

  • What were you guys thinking, drinking or smoking when you designed this?
    You cant use stackable headers with it!
    If it was meant to be used with a breadboard you sould have left the whole thing blank!
    Sorry, I love your work, but this is crap!
    And I bought 2!!!!!
    Have a look at the DF Robot version, that's how it should be done!!

  • I bought one of these 'coz I got a 4 motor Rover 5.
    After looking at the board in mah hand...
    There is NO WAY IN HELL I'm going to put it over my Arduino!
    I'll mount it away from my Mega and just run ground, +5V and the control lines to it.
    There is just not enough clearance on the motor supply.
    I only got this to run my Rover 5 after I figured out 1 L298 per motor was not going to be enough.
    So @ 6A it looks ok

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