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  • I’d making a device which will be plugged into an external P.A. System, so I’m Looking at the VSLI external protection document. It seems that fig. 8 is the way to go for me, but the values of C1and C2 are not labelled. Any suggested values?

  • I love this thing! Thanks for making it.
    2 questions, though:

    1. Power.

    Right now I’m giving it 6V from batteries to the external power jack while the mini-switch is set to EXT, or 5V to the USBVCC pin (red wire of FTDI cable or 5V pin from an arduino) while the mini-switch is set to USB and it works. If I cut the solder bridge at the bottom left (#4 in Figure 1. in the user guide) between the centre and VBUS and solder from the centre to 3.3V will the board then run with a 3.3V regulated source to the USBVCC pin with the mini-switch is set to USB?

    2. ??

    I’m having a strange problem with one unit that I made based on this board. Occasionally (10% of the time? 15%?) the audio out will send no signal. The power LED is on, and when I close any of the triggers the green indicator LED will light for the length of time that the track would last, but no audio comes out. I can turn the unit off and on again and it starts working again. I’ve been trying to eliminate everything that I have added, but this intermittent problem still crops up. Anyone else experienced the same thing, or have any clues what could cause it?

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