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  • Hi Fred where did you buy the solar cell you used?

  • Hi Drmn4ea I have found your Blog and post very helpful on this subject and wanted to know if you could confirm my idea , I myself want to create the same power source for low consumption ICs but with one difference , …Space or should i say the lak off… I want to use the this solar Cell and this Piezo both connected to the input of this energy harvester with a Super cap in parallel and output connected to the max 1555 battery charger chip. charging a coin cell 47Mah 3v battery. all of this in a space no bigger then the energy harvester it self. of cource i will need to redesign PCB for it but though id ask if you have similar product planned ? I want to think of it as a opportunistic battery charger rather then power supply .

    all thoughts are welcome . sorry for my English , not my mother language

  • Hi Guys I want to buy 2 of these for my project and hope to get some confirmation from you smart people:-) will I be able to use a small GPS unit and send lats and longs over this RF unit via a 328p lets say ever 10min?
    is there breakout boards available for this units?
    Thanx in advance

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