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  • Also, for those who really care... the S3B does not have an IC on the top of the board (the photo is an old XSC), though there is a pad there for it. The documentation exists through Digi to determine which chip they plan of having put there, but during the beta we were advised that there are other components missing from the board to make the IC functional (stated but I can neither confirm or deny). The IC is a Freescale MC9S08QE32 that is supposed to ship with an Eclipse IDE.

  • I was on the beta test for these last year and fell in love! Just yesterday I did some testing (Ublox + UF.L S3B) and was able to get about a 1 mile radius at ground level in a suburban environment (small city, largely residential, rolling hills, little vegetation due to season).

    I am actually using these in a production product and can't speak highly enough of this line. I bought my original XSC models for a drone and liked them... adding mesh to the lineup with these is an incredible upgrade.

  • The Wolverine Solder Dispenser Project was cancelled shortly after the human trials began due to the emotional distress and horrific side-effects.

  • Despite an open and generally loose set of rules at SparkFun, new regulations regarding caroling had to be implemented after the Owl Choir experiment resulted in the activation of NORAD, even amidst their usual shenanigans of tracking Santa.

  • Very cool article and perspective.

    I'm coming at it from a similar... but altogether different direction.

    I am working to develop a commercial product line for a niche market. I'm not trying to cater to the hacker community, the prosumer, or even the general consumer at large... but I still face these hurdles with manufacturing. I can easily prototype in my kitchen (to my wife's horror)... but I can't produce 1000 units there (or even store them!).

    Does anyone have any ideas for a fledgling business feeling this same issue?

    And oh, I am going through http://www.Invested.In for my crowd funding attempt. It's so hard to fire up an actual business and get investors when you are dealing with such small (but lucrative) market!

  • Someone needs to hook the mbed Slingshot into this (or create a ioio-slingshot)...

  • Does SF offer the inductor used on the bias tee somewhere on the site?

  • Does SF offer prebake services for those of us who are just using bench-top hot air stations to work with these?

  • After months of working on the LillyPad powered "Self-Tapping Tap Shoes, " Jim had to shelve the project to pursue the more important "Asymmetrical Viking Helmet of Justice" with peltier heating and cooling system inside.

  • L&S Electronics is Johnson City, TN... going inside is like opening a door to the past where components and parts are hung everywhere on the walls and if you needed anything they can find it... from rare tubes to the newest Atmel. Give these guys a jingle!


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