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  • Really only tree pros I could see about the kit versus this: * The kit is substantially smaller. * The kit gives people opportunity to practice their soldering (yes, a bit of a stretch). * Heatsink is pretty much optional. You do not expect to run much with one this small, so you do not push it. The big relay you DO drive lots of power (I do at least since I have one of these from a prior source), so you need a nice size heatsink. Cons of the kit: * Expense. * Much lower overall Amperage it can handle. * Much more limited range on the control voltage.

    Sorry, could not get the formatting to work and gave up.

  • I guess it is one of those areas that is personal preference. I always find the micro to be pretty easy plus with so many things using it now I have a bunch of extra cables around and always one within reach of any spot I might be working on something.

  • What is the current capacity of these strips? Say for a square 2.5cm x 2.5cm section?

  • It is a nicer design and the logic level switch is a good idea. What I would like is it to use microUSB instead of mini and the reset button to be a right-angle board variety. That way a housing can let you plug in your cables and hit the reset easily.

  • What are the chances that we could get a selection of sensor? I see Atlas-Scientific has different probes for this (K=0.1, K=1 & K=10) and you folks carry the K=1. I am interested in this for a marine aquarium setup though so the K=10 is what I need...

  • Replying to myself... Oh no... But the link is gone now. Thanks! Especially since it is included in the All sheet.

  • Oh when will SparkFun offer virtual classes (same materials sent to us but we join the class via webcam)? Yes I know it lacks the hands-on but the trip there (while desired) is not going to be possible for years... and yet the classes sound great.

  • Exactly. Hopefully the recap will indicate that people entered X number of captchas. How many unique people were actually trying to win, etc... If there were 20K people vying for those 2K prizes, I want to know plus how many people have accounts with Sparkfun. Last, how many NEW accounts are created leading up to and during Free Day?

  • Is there some way to check how many times you have tried? That ionizing radiation does not appear to be my friend yet.

  • Still receiving an error with the "LilyPad Temp. Sensor Sticker Sheet PDF"... 8 months now? Probably should just kill off the document link entirely.

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