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  • Ok folks... I must say... I priced the components at mouser and the board, with my modifications at oshpark and I must say... this is a great deal. Components, not including jst or usb jacks was $15. 3 boards at osh came to $8 a piece. That doesn't include stencil and solder paste and the risk of it not cooking right, and your time. These boards are a major deal! I'm just going to make a shield for it instead and buy these boards or recommend them for my open source project. My only issue is the RTC. Would be nice if the next iteration of this board had some accommodations for a coin cell battery to keep the RTC alive. No biggie though... this board looks like the way to go and will be ordering some when I get my shield designed out.

  • Come on folks. Give them a break with the arduino shield compatibility squawking. You can make your own adapter board with a crude copper etched hack and some header pins. In fact, it would be a great project for you hardware/soldering challenged peeps.

  • what's the packaging on this?

  • figured out the openlog connectors. will remove foot from mouth. sorry

  • So I have downloaded the schematic and pcb files for the telemetry board. Is it just me or is there an assumption on how the openlog connector traces connect to the multiplexor? I would love to be able to submit the file to batchPCB to get a working system and then modify from there. Not trying to be a prick but it seems there are a few projects on here that have some things cut out and left to the users/buyers imagination. I'm cool with that but let me know up front please. The tutorials are great and I'll buy as much as I can through sparkfun knowing I am paying more than digikey or mouser. But... I don't know... is it a liability thing? then let us know.

  • The specs on the BMP085 give it at under 30,000 ft at it's highest range. 300hPA equals aprox 29,000 feet. Not even close to 100,000ft. Is my math off or is the High not really that high in the advertisement of this sensor/product? I don't want to rely on GPS to give me the final altitude but a sensor on-board that I will query the data later.

  • Yep, I have had problems programming some of the older 5v chips with the Pickit3. This was through a laptop and I'll bet the USB port was not powerful enough so spend the extra $5 and get a powered USB hub for piece of mind.

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