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  • When it will be back in stock ?

  • I've asked Atmel about this topic and here is the answer I've got:
    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for contacting Atmel Technical Support.
    Support of XMega PDI interface in Dragon basically depends on the revision of the XMega devices. So probably you don’t have to care about hardware revision of Dragon Programmer.
    PDI mode on Dragon only works for the parts as mentioned below:
    XMega - A4/D4 -> Rev A onwards (It means all will support)
    XMega - B1 -> Rev A onwards (It means all will support)
    XMega - A1 -> Rev J onwards (But Rev J is not yet in production)
    XMega - A3/D3 -> Rev D and rev F onwards (But not yet in production)
    You may please refer help section from Studio4 to get the device support details.
    (Studio 4 --> Help --> AVR Tools User Guide --> AVR Dragon User Guide --> Introduction --> Device Support)
    As I mentioned above current revision of Xmega128A1 does not support PDI interface in Dragon programmer.
    But you will be able to use the JTAG interface of Xmega128A1 to connect with Dragon and to know more details on JTAG interface of Dragon you can refer help for this.
    (AVR Dragon User Guide --> Connecting the AVR Dragon --> Debugging --> Connecting to target through the JTAG Interface)
    Please do not hesitate to contact us again if there is anything else we can assist you with
    Best Regards,
    Shakkeer Muhammed
    Atmel Technical Support Team
    Hope it helps. The only option now is to wait for the Rev J so we can program with the Dragon.

  • The new version of the board, according to the AvrFreaks forum, have the text "A08-0396.D" printed on the backside of the board and have mounting holes.

  • It seems that the Dragon can program the Xmega128A1. But only the newer versions of the programmer. According to the Atmel Dragon's page the Xmega128A1 is listed as a supported device:

  • Just bought one of these and I'm stunned by how simple is to set up and use. Just wire TX, RX, Vcc and GND; power it up and start sending data through the USART/UART interface of your microcontroller. Just be sure to cross the RX and TX lines. That's it, you have a datalogger!

  • According to Atmel's site, the Xmega128A1 supports ISP programming. Could someone verify if the ISP fuse is enable ? I have a Dragon and don't want to buy another programmer just to use PDI.

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