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  • "The controller cannot be powered directly from the USB port. The controller must be powered from batteries or a DC supply (6-12V). If using the DC socket then current will be limited via the recharge circuit." Does that mean I can power the controller via the 2A DC recharge socket?

    "This is a low voltage controller and was designed to be powered by a 7.2V sub C battery pack as commonly found in RC cars. Higher battery voltages can be used (maximum 18V DC) but will reduce the maximum current output of the 5V regulator. A small CPU fan may be mounted on the heat sink if required." If higher battery voltages can be used, why would that reduce the maximum current output of the 5V regulator?

  • I'll take the no reply as a no. How come you guys aren't selling the Wild Thumper High Power Switch?

  • What about on board charging AGM batteries?

  • I never got my wick to work. I think I ruined my LCD trying to get Spark's silly Serial Enabled LCD Backpack off!!!

  • Ok, thanks Chiel.

  • Cool, thanks. I have my eye on a few things and I would like to order them all at the same time.

  • Any idea when you will have these back in stock?

  • Is this Buspirate v3b or v3.5b?

  • Does this version work with Arduino Uno?

  • Everything you suggested I either already knew or had tried before with the exception of the 1k resistor, which also didn't work/help. I am really starting to think it's not possible, I've seen tons of post where people weren't able to change the baud rate and no one ever posted a solution or that they were able to it.

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