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  • Just got mine, fairly bright would say each LED is around 700MCD for the red.

  • Does anyone know if this type of ultrasonic emitter is able to be used to measure volume inside a container? All of my research into the topic has shown that there's not a huge difference in the design of the $300 ones designed to sense volume in a container and these.

  • Exactly what I wanted to know if they are good for, sweet! Thanks for posting.

  • I've wounded the tips of my fingers a few times on those pesky ATMega chips!

  • I bought one as soon as they listed them a few days ago, I'll post some stuff when they get in (hopefully monday or tuesday)

  • I would maybe seal the tip a bit with caulking, just to make sure it's water proof, if I was going to do that. It's isolated so should not be a problem... make sure not to get the other end wet though as it's only heat shrinked.

  • DIP ATMega is one of the main reasons I love the arduino, it can double as a programmer... I'm not sure how I feel about this... Every arduino update recently has made it harder and harder to DIYuino...

  • El Wire is fairly simple in design. It's laid out a lot like a mono headphone wire. You have an insulation wrapper, some times 2 (depending on if elwire is colored) you then have a uncoated wire that is wrapper around another wire that is insulated. The glow comes from the field generated between the 2 wires as high voltage high frequency passes through the wire exciting the phosphorus. Hope that helps!

  • For the true tron look you will need elwire that is encased in clear tubing whilst off.