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  • no replacement?! come on, yer killin' me, Smalls!

  • OK, what size loc-line tool do I use for this? I ordered the ½" and it’s WAY too big…

  • Your math is off, I think. $181,248.

    320x240 = 76,800. 76,800 * 2.36 = $181,248.

    edit: i was wrong. they’re in 5 packs. d'oh.

  • The Raspberry Pi foundation is going to be releasing one soon. That’s all that is known. I don’t think the size(s) has/have been released or anything, just that one or more is/are coming.

  • GASP I thought you had to hold the button anyway.

    NICE! Downloadering…

  • Given that they both run Linux I’m not sure what you mean by “user-friendly.”

    I DO wish I could always boot from Micro-SD on the BBB, though, without holding a button at bootup.

    The Cloud9 IDE hosted by the BBB and the USB network port on the BBB make it MUCH more user friendly than the RPi, in my eyes.

    Thank you, docwelch for the clarification.

  • I’d like to see a little more horsepower given that its been two years since the first model B, and the extra USB and moving to microSD are freaking brilliant moves.

  • No.

    However, distance can be extended with some cleverness: http://www.nxp.com/documents/application_note/AN11075.pdf

  • that’s the colloquial term for fans of this configuration (of any size, and they do get very, very large) but the technical term is, i believe, centrifugal blower.

  • One came out this week.

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