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  • There was a complete misunderstanding of the network running on light...

  • Mr. Magoo. He had vision problems too...

  • I like the large pictures on my laptop with the big display. Any chances of coming up with a mobile version? Quite often I read the news at work using my smartphone.

  • Me too! Can't wait to get it. The 3D printing industry right now reminds me of the late '70s with the hobbyist market for microcomputer systems. 8080, Z80, Altair, TRS-80, Commodore, Apple and so on. Then the bigger players started showing up like IBM. HP sells a small 3D printer, but only in Europe and the web site doesn't list prices so you have to ask.

  • Wow, this is deja vu for me. As a professional software developer for 30+ years, this sounds like some things we have said about TRS-80, Commodore 64, Visual Basic and so on. Anyone can program and just by getting it to work, looks competent and can even get jobs and compete with those of us that know application development, maintainability, testing and so on. It's nice to see the same things going on in the hardware side now. When I started programming, computers cost many thousands of dollars. Thanks to the "hobbyist" market, the cost of having your own computer came down to where now I have several. (The Commodore 64 is in a box somewhere...).
    I suspect that Arduino and others like it will help usher in even more changes in "physical computing" like the systems I mentioned earlier lead to changes in "programming".

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