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  • Can someone share a simple working code for Arduino? Code must have been provided with this already. I can't use integrated weather board code because I have an older weather board SEN-08311 and I need to run this with Arduino directly.

  • Ok, I have one unit with 3.3ftdi, bought 6 months ago and fully functional. I think I paid about 150 for both but would sell for 105 with shipping. Contact me at sy at yalcin dot us, if anyone.

  • Yes it should work, make sure to use 3.3V

  • I can sell you mine

  • I bought this with ftdi 3.3 serial usb but decided to go with hmc6343 and will be selling it on ebay. I see that its out of stock so if you want, I can give you mine.

  • Does anybody know if this gives Euler angles? HMC6343 does that but didn't work with my arduino so looking for an alternative.

  • I bought this and board is red, not the same as pictured. I couldn't get it working with arduino uno and we are trying to figure out with sparkfun support.

  • This gives all euler angles in one compact unit with 3 axis compensation. Same thing like imu9 which has similar price.
    I got this unit but unfortunately does not run with arduino uno, still waiting for support to figure it out.

  • Can someone post Arduino Uno code for this item? I can't get this working although my code looks right and I asked sparkfun to try and they seem to get nothing with my code.
    I have this which doesnt work


    define compass_ADR (0x32>>1)

    byte data[6];
    int x;
    int y;
    int z;
    void getHeading()
    Wire.send(0x50); // command
    Wire.requestFrom(compass_ADR, 6);
    for (int i=0; i

  • are there any socket/connectors for this?

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